Microsoft’s Xbox One has given both Nintendo and Sony a lot to keep up with since its release. It has been a sales juggernaut that has occasionally outpaced its competition and that continues to surprise and satisfy its fans.

One of the bigger selling points of this system from the start was its dedication to backwards compatibility. This means that it would be able to play some of the games from the previous generation. Microsoft always leads and have a website that has daily updates on their blog on the latest Microsoft and Xbox news,

Xbox consoles have a reputation for providing extensive backwards compatible support, dating back to the launch of the Xbox 360, when Microsoft promised that the console would be able to play many original Xbox games. This has also been a feature that has caused a lot of contention and been a source of fan vitriol over the years. The Xbox 306 and the Xbox One were never designed to play every previous system’s games. These are forward-thinking machines, and playing last generation’s games always had to be an afterthought, or at least a low priority.

So, people will always be upset over which games get to be backwards compatible and which ones do not. When the Xbox 360 was being updated to allow backwards compatibility, many fans and game journalism sites were asking Microsoft questions about why some of the most popular games on the original Xbox were not backwards compatible with the system while some of the smaller and less liked games were joining the backwards compatible list. The same debates and questions still go on today over the Xbox One.

However, the problem isn’t that Microsoft is picking out which games should be backwards compatible and which ones should not. Some games just aren’t able to run on the framework the system contains. Microsoft can’t make everyone happy, and so they just continue to move forward, adding new games to the backwards compatibility list as they become available.

Microsoft has consistently added games to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibly list since that feature became a part of its system. It even recently added several Original Xbox games to the list, which is two generations previous- a milestone event in the console’s life cycle.

Backwards compatibility has been a strong selling point for the Xbox One for a long time and Microsoft has done a lot to push that feature to the forefront of what it has to offer. Not that long ago, the company announced that all the Games with Gold would be backwards compatible games. That means that all the Xbox 360 games that Xbox Live Gold subscribers get for free each month for the Xbox 360 (two every month) would be playable on an Xbox One. Already, two free Xbox One games were being made available each month, and this new initiative upped that total to four, in a sense.

It’s clear that Microsoft thinks backwards compatibility is important to their console moving forward. They know that a vocal part of their fan base will always call for this feature and that they will need to serve those customers as best as they are able. So, each month, a few more backwards compatible games are added to the list, and many gamers watch for upcoming Games with Gold titles to be revealed (which usually occurs in the last week of each month) to find out which titles will soon be backwards compatible.

What this feature means to a lot of people is that they have more gamesto play on a single system and that they can continue to play their Xbox 360 games without dusting off or turning on that older system. It’s a great feature that Microsoft would do well to continue to support as much as possible for the foreseeable future.